Know Behaviors

In the world of real estate you come across all walks of life.  No one person is the same, which makes the world go round and quite frankly makes life an exciting adventure.  People tend to like and trust those who are like them.  This makes sense however, to be successful in life and business you need to appreciate and understand those who are NOT like you.

  • “It’s handy to have a working understanding of human behavior so as to maximize communication between you and your customer.”
  • This idea goes beyond client relations. It should be applied to all relationships!

Keller Williams University broke down all behavior into four different styles titled DISC.

1. Dominance


Results Oriented


10% of the population

2. Influence




30% of the population

3. Steadiness




35% of the population

4. Conscientiousness




25% of the population


It’s invaluable to be aware of the different behavioral styles. Once you are conscientious of ones behavioral language, you are better equipped to use a communication style that is more familiar to them. In turn, you are making it more likely that they will respond. All of this makes you more likable AND more successful in life and business.


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