A Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Agent

One of the first thoughts that many people have who are thinking about real estate is, “Do I work with an agent and is it worth it?” I can’t answer that question for you  BUT what I can do is give you a glimpse into what ONE day looks like in the life of a proactive agent.

  1. Negotiate offers and contract terms
  2. Keep MLS listing data current
  3. Attend property inspection
  4. Schedule listing and buyer consultations
  5. Keep transaction on track
  6. Get signed contract to the Title Co.
  7. Deliver earnest money
  8. Get all disclosures signed & delivered
  9. Keep all social media profiles updated/active
  10. Attend yearly education requirements regarding real estate
  11. Refuel with coffee…yum!
  12. Continually check in with clients through phone calls and emails
  13. Negotiate necessary repairs
  14. Know local market statistics 
  15. Schedule open houses
  16. Develop marketing for active listings
  17. Initiate contact for new leads and prospects
  18. Get home seen by buyers
  19. Schedule photographer to take pictures of your home
  20. Check up on past clients

Do you think working with a PROACTIVE agent is worth it?



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