The Age of Social Media: Be Better Than The Competition

In the age of social media, we forget sometimes how important personal phone calls and face to face interaction is when making a connection.  I read the other day that “Emails are not conversations.”   It made me really think about how much of my communicating is spent by texting or email.  Later, I read a statement by Monica Reynolds, a real estate agent, saying “Email is not a contact.  Relationships are built on conversations.  No one is going to call you and say, ‘Your emails were fabulous!  I would love to have you list my house again.’  It does not happen!”

That being said, I wanted to share with you some great information that I learn from a Keller Williams Realty class called, Customer Experience: Building Systems, Relationships, and Loyalty.  

  1. Never underestimate the power of a personal touch (i.e. phone call, handwritten note)

  2. Send appropriate thank-you notes as often as you can during and after a transaction.

  3. Carry thank-you notes with you.  Write them during any downtime you have.

  4. Convert some of your impersonal communication (forms, etc.) by inserting a quick, uplifting note or applicable comment.  This will personalize the message for your clients.

  5. A personalized comment isn’t hard.  A few uplifting words and your signature is all that it takes to make a difference.  

  6. Keep in mind how customers prefer to be communicated with – treat others in the way that they wish to be treated.


**If you care about being the best, put these suggestions into practice.  It is another step towards setting you apart from the competition.


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