Buy Your Home this Winter

If you’ve been paying attention, we talked about some reasons and tips to sell your home this winter last week. It’s no surprise that we want to make sure that you home buyers out there know what to pay attention to in order to buy your home this winter. Just like selling this time of year, there are some perks to buying a home during the Minnesota winter.


Sell Your Home This Winter

Thinking of selling your home? Here are some reasons and tips you should sell this winter. Why wait until Spring when you could get the best deal now?

Home Decor Trends to Watch for 2018

Do you feel like sprucing up your home a bit in time for the New Year? Here are some beautiful trends that will be showing up in homes for 2018. Get it ready to sell or make it your dream space!

Benefits of Owning Your Home

To Rent or to Own, that is the question. If you’re unsure if home ownership is really right for you, here are some benefits to owning your home instead of renting. It may be time to make the switch!

Tips for Buying a Home This Fall

Grab your scarves and cozy sweaters, Fall is the best time to search for your new home! Last week, we offered some helpful tips if you are looking for selling your home this Fall. Today, we want to offer some information on buying a home in the Fall. Now it just so happens that some of the reasons…

Tips for Selling Your Home This Fall

Thinking of selling your home? Fall is a wonderful time to do so! Here are some helpful things to keep in mind to get you prepared for a Fall market.

Real Estate Lingo You Need to Know if Your Buying or Selling a Home

Buying or Selling a home can be a crazy whirlwind, filled with new scenarios, and possibly some vocabulary you aren’t familiar with. Luckily, as Relators, we live and breathe everything that you need to know about Real Estate. We do know, however, how confusing it can be if you aren’t used to some of the…

Twin Cities Guide on Where to Dine Outdoors

Who wouldn’t want to get out and enjoy the Minnesota summers?
We Do! Do YOU?! One of our favorite things about living in the Twin Cities is the Minnesotan summers. We especially LOVE to enjoy meals on patios at our favorite restaurants. Check out our Top 10 Favorite Patios in the Twin Cities to try this summer!

Why You Need A Realtor

There are many steps when it comes to purchasing a home.  One of the most important steps is hiring an agent that you LIKE and TRUST.  You don’t want to rush this particular step as it will positively or negatively affect ALL other processes involved in your home purchase.  Buying a home isn’t easy but…

Investment Seminar

Have you, or anyone you know, ever been curious about building wealth in real estate? Join us to check out ways to potentially help your $$$ grow with an investment in real estate.