Things to do for St. Patrick’s Day in the Twin Cities

Haven’t decided what you want to do yet for St. Patrick’s Day? Do not fret! We have several fun places to visit in the Twin Cities tomorrow so you can celebrate and enjoy the beautiful weather!


Spring into March Madness: Real Estate Style

Spring is almost here – and with it is the Spring housing market! Here are some things to watch for as we head into the busy Spring months for Real Estate in the Twin Cities.

Why Should You Sell Your Home Now?

If you have been even thinking about selling your home in the next year or two, you should really think about doing it now! Here are some great reasons to think about selling this year.

Minnesota Day Trips and Weekend Getaways

We LOVE living in the suburbs of the Twin Cities and enjoying everything that it has to offer. However, we also love that Minnesota has so many other places to offer! If you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a day trip, here are a few of our favorites that you should try out.

What You Should Think About When Buying a House

We understand that starting the home buying process can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some questions for you to think about before you even hit the search to have you prepared and ready to look for your dream home!

Why do we LOVE Real Estate?

Why do we LOVE Real Estate? The answer is actually quite simple… we LOVE helping our wonderful, happy clients! There is no better feeling then helping our clients sell or buy their home and hearing how happy they are with the process!

Tips to Enjoy the Super Bowl in the Twin Cities

We are just under a week out from Super Bowl LII in the Twin Cities and excitement is in the air! Having the Super Bowl in the Twin Cities is a great way to bring new people into the city and have all the events that come with the Super Bowl. Whether you want to partake in all the activities around the Super Bowl or avoid the masses, here are some fun events to watch for the next week!

What is a HOA?

Have you thought about buying a home and saw that is was a HOA? Did you have no idea what it means when there’s an HOA? We’ve got you covered! We are here to help explain what an HOA is and what the benefits of one can be!

What Not To Do When Buying a Home

Normally, we love to give you tips on what you should prepare for. Whether is getting your home ready to sell, what to do when buying, or preparing for a holiday, we love giving you some great tips! Today, we want to share some great tips on what not to do when you are buying a home.

New Year, New Home

A New Year is a great time to make a fresh start! There is already excitement in the air for changes and improvements. So why not make some with your home? Starting the year off with either looking for a new home or doing some things to your current home to make it feel like new will leave you feeling refreshed and excited! 

What to do Over Holiday Break: Twin Cities

We love the holidays in the Twin Cities! We are kicking it off to a week of fun for kids out of school, and likely a quiet week at work for you. Here are some fun activities to get you out to enjoy the holiday spirit in the cities you love!